Taking a Limo to the Airport Costs Less than You Think

Taking a Limo to the Airport Costs Less than You Think

So, you are wondering about the most effective and efficient means to get you to the airport? Gone are the days when hiring limousines for a trip to the airport was for the wealthy. These days, limo services have become less expensive and are easily affordable by ordinary people. Thus, taking a limo to the airport will be the perfect decision and will cost less than you think. However, some factors can affect the cost of renting your limo.

The size and type of the limousine

Costs for renting a limousine can vary depending on the size and style of the limo. Some limos will only accommodate around ten people or less while others can hold up to 20 people. It is important to know how big a limo you want. A typical six-person limo can cost you on average $65 to $100 per hour. For the classic limousines, like the roll Royce, it can cost on average $100 to $300.  Here is a look at the different types of companies when you need limo service sacramento options but don’t know where to start.

Certain days of the week

The period when you will need your limo can affect the cost of renting. For example, over the weekends and especially on Saturdays, there are loads of weddings taking place. That will make the limo costs to go higher as the limo companies are very busy. So, renting a limo in the week can be less costly.

For how many hours will you need the limo?

Limousine companies charge their clients at an hourly rate. For an hour, a limo cost can range from $65 to $200 or $300 depending on the type of limousine you choose and the renting company. When renting your limousine for longer hours, the company can give a discount on your hourly rate. However, in some companies, there is a minimum time for renting your limo. Mostly, the minimum time you can rent a limo is for an hour.

To sum up, limo services are not as expensive as most people think. It all depends on the style of the limo and the passengers it can accommodate. If you want a limousine for just a few people, the luxury sedans type of limo will do you good at an average cost of $65 to $105 per hour. While the party bus type of limousine is large enough to accommodate up to 32 people at an average cost of $150 to $210 per hour, so, if you want to make your journey to the airport a very comfortable one, while still paying a pocket-friendly amount, then consider renting a limousine of your choice. You will not be disappointed.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Limousine Company

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Limousine Company

If you are choosing a limousine for travel you definitely love traveling in style. To make your luxurious ride even better, it’s important for you to know how to choose the right limousine company. The following are 5 tips for choosing the right limousine company when you need one.

1. References and reviews

Limo companies have been in existence for a while and other people have used their services. These people are important because their recommendations and experience with a limo company can help you choose a limo service that suits you. These could be friends, family, or even random strangers. You can also opt to check online and on their website to see what other people think or have experienced regarding the company.

2. Safety

Your safety is important. You should check and ensure that the limo company has all the necessary documentation. This includes permits, licenses, and insurance coverage. When it comes to insurance, ensure that you as the client are also covered and not just the vehicle alone. Your safety should a priority too for the company.

3. Event type

Limos can be used for different occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, individual or corporate travel, and airport travel. You should be able to choose a limo that best suits why you need a limo. To make this happen, inform the company about your intentions and let them give you suitable options to choose from.

4. Check the price and your budget

The cost of the limo service will vary depending on various factors including the type of limo, service package, and time. Ensure that the pricing package you receive is all-inclusive of all the charges. This is important to avoid surprises. You do not want to be told that the quotation you received was the base rate.  The amount of money you have budgeted for a limo is also important to be considered at this point. Ensure that you get the best package that you can that is within your budget.

5. Vehicles available in their fleet

Customers need to be able to choose vehicles that suit their needs. To cater to this need, limo companies maintain many vehicles in their fleet. On selecting the type of vehicle to use, factors such as the type of event and cost might come into play.

Other factors to consider include well-trained drivers and chauffeurs, how long the company has been in operation, type and quality of services offered, itinerary, and booking options. The end goal is to choose the right company and your decision is the final factor in deciding which limo company you choose.